Jewish educator named to participate as a fellow

Posted: 6/30/2007

 Sarah Cunin, rebbitzin and director of the Gan Sierra Preschool at Chabad of Northern Nevada, has been named to participate as a fellow in a national program to ensure the future of early childhood Jewish education.

Cunin is one of 18 Jewish educators selected by the Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative and the Covenant Foundation to attend the two-year training and mentorship program.

Opportunity to learn

"I'm so excited," Cunin said. "It's an unbelievable opportunity for learning."

The program includes seminars this summer at Bank Street College of Education in New York and next summer at Project Zero at Harvard University. The third year of the fellowship includes a trip to Israel.

"It's really a major investment in these educators," said Jane Glaubman, spokeswoman for the Covenant Foundation in New York.

Upcoming retirements

Directors at early childhood Jewish schools will reach retirement age within 5 to 10 years. Glaubman said it is time to make sure there are trained people to carry on the task of educating Jewish children.

"It is amazing they are doing this," Cunin said. "They specifically are looking for young Jewish educators."