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Our Shul

Imagine worshipping in an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance, where you are welcome, in fact encouraged, to ask questions, and where you are implored to be as nonjudgmental of your neighbor as he or she is of you. This is the atmosphere that has been created in our intimate and vibrant shul which we call home.

Shabbat Services

Our Shabbat services are traditional. They are led by our Chazan Yosef Silverstein and our Rabbi Mendel Cunin and chanted by the members of our minyan. Our prayer books are written in both Hebrew and English, and the page numbers are announced continuously so you may always catch up if you prefer to meditate at a slower speed. At Chabad the language you use or the pace you set for yourself are for you to choose.

This, coupled with melodies both old and new, and an easy to read prayer book translation with some transliteration, will make Shabbat prayer services an enjoyable and meaningful experience for you.Gallery: Sefer Torah Dedication

Dvar Torah

Each week Rabbi Cunin enlightens us by expounding upon the meaning of the Torah portion of the week or an upcoming holiday. He guides each of us on a weekly journey from ancient times to the present, by opening our eyes not merely to the words inthe Holy Book, but to the unspoken allegories the words reflect. Rabbi Cunin synthesizes the Torah narratives and directives, and relates their messages so that we may grow from them as we incorporate them inot our comtemporary, often hectic lifestyles.

Kiddush and Farbrengen

Please join us for our weekly Kiddush and Farbrengen immediately following the Shabbat morning service. The Kiddush is typically sponsored by participants of our minyan who may have a simcha to celebrate, a milestone to mark, or a family member they wish to honor.

"The most delicious chollent in town."

Our Kiddush affords us a collective opportunity to break bread, to partake in traditional delicious Shabbat cuisine, to share the news of the week, and enjoy the warmth and companionship that emanate from this community. Come along and catch up with your friends, make new ones, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.
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Shabbat Services

*Hebrew/English Prayer books

*Spirited Prayers
*Everyone welcome, no background necessary
*Weekly sermon with contemporary message

*Kiddush buffet following Shabbat day services




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If you need a Minyan to say Kaddish for a Yartzeit, please contact Rabbi Cunin to make special arrangements.


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