Chabad of Northern Nevada declares gas strike
Staff Report • June 13, 2008

Rabbi Mendel Cunin of Reno lights a menorah as Gov. Kenny Guinn looks on Dec. 8, 2004. Cunin and several Jewish adults and children gave the sterling silver menorah to the governor as a gift in celebration of Hanukkah while visiting inside the governor's office.

In response to rising gas prices, Rabbi Mendel Cunin of Chabad of Northern Nevada urged his congregates last weekend to leave their vehicles at home one day per week

He said that could be an effective way to help the environment, combat being take advantage of by big business and rouge countries and bring a permanent solution to the problem.

All tasks that need to be done during this one day, such as shopping and errands, should be done in advance, Cunin said.

“Imagine the effect this would have by cutting down gas consumption by 14 percent,” Cunin said. “This could be the start of a solution to the gas problem and a betterment to American family life.”

Some ideas of how to spend time when not in traffic are family discussions, dinner by candlelight, walking, reading, studying, meditating and relaxing.

Cunin mentioned a “gas out” conducted nationwide several years ago in protest of gas prices. Fuel prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight.

“This strike will be best observed not just by not filling your gas tank, but by not driving at all for an entire day,” Cunin said. “Filling up with gas the day before will only be counter-intuitive.”