Reno-area Jewish community ready for Rosh Hashana

By Geralda Miller • • September 14, 2009


Northern Nevada's Jewish community is preparing for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.

On Sunday, men and women engaged in discussion at Chabad of Northern Nevada about the spiritual message of the holy day while children learned how to make a shofar, the ram's horn that is blown during the High Holy Days.

It was a chance for members of all Jewish denominations to participate in dialogue, said Sarah Cunin, rebbitzin.

"We want to make it that people can come together and can have these opportunities for rich discussion," she said. "However you celebrate it, wherever you celebrate, it doesn't' really matter. Let's start having these discussions. Let's start opening our doors to each other."

Chabad is part of the Orthodox movement whose mission is to provide outreach and education to Jews worldwide.

Rosh Hashana, which celebrates the year 5770 on the Jewish calendar, begins at sundown Friday.

The holy day is steeped in tradition symbolizing a sweet and fruitful new year.

The synagogue sold several of the delicacies eaten to celebrate the day. A long line formed while people bought round challah with raisins, apple strudel, honey cake cream puffs and sweet noodle kugel. The round bread symbolizes the way life is in a circle and the way the new year comes back every year.